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What do I do with it?

Inherited Jewelry: FAQs

It's always difficult when, say, a loved one passes away, parents get divorced, or maybe your mom is just trying to unload her jewelry that's decades-old onto you and you don't know what to do with it, because, quite frankly, it's out of style, not your style, and you just won't wear it. 

You have options. 

First, you can redesign it. Use the metal, stones, or both and turn it into something new that you WILL love and wear. Turn a ring into a set of earrings, or earrings into a pendant. There are so many possibilities! 

Next, if you have say, older, estate, antique, vintage-style jewelry pieces, you

could find a local antique or estate dealer to buy your piece from you, on the spot. Many times, these dealers will also offer to take your piece of jewelry on consignment. This will usually get you a little more money for your jewelry, but the potential downside is, this can take time, and sometimes a piece of jewelry just doesn't sell.
You can also try selling it yourself, on the market, through websites like Ebay, Letgo, 1stDibs, etc.
Also, if you have a rare, special, or truly unique piece of jewelry, that is in excellent condition, an auction house may be a great avenue to help you sell your piece to get the best return.

Finally, you can sell your piece for its intrinsic factor, meaning the metals and stones are sold separately. This is best done thru a person you trust. Especially, when your piece of jewelry has precious stones and/or diamonds. 

My advice is to consider all avenues before you make a decision. We are happy to give you an appraisal on your inherited jewelry to help you decide what would be the best thing to do with these special and often, sentimental pieces.

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